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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Flash Tattoos

September 28, 2014 | Leave a comment

Flash Tattoos Gibraltar

Flash Tattoos Gibraltar 2

Flash Tattoos Gibraltar 3

Pinterest made me want these so badly! I mean Beyonce wears them, so of course I HAD to give them a try. Check them out on mishqua.com for $22 with FREE domestic shipping :)

The Santiago Backpack

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Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 5


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 4


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 2Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 1



Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 3


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 6

So this is Gibraltar gardens where hubby and I got married. Its beautifully overgrown gardens take over this space completely making it a little creepy but an infamous spot for engagement shots etc. I could take pictures here everyday and have it look like we were in different locations… can you tell I love it here?! So lets chat about this backpack shall we. Shiraleah makes a great vegan leather backpack. This is their Santiago Aztec printed black and white with mustard yellow accents. Check out these tassels!! So cute! This backpack is perfect for on the go running around or for some trendy students to put their textbooks in. Shop the backpack in two different colors on mishqua.comĀ