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Printed Village Scarves are HERE!!

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No Drama with a Little Bit of Llama

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Printed Village Purple Llama Styled 1

Printed Village Purple Llama Styled 2

Printed Village Purple Llama Styled

Printed Village Purple Llama Scarf

Nothing says warmth like these cheeky Printed Village scarves. When we met Jason from Printed Village at the New York Accessories show we totally fell in love with his company! Each scarf is designed in such a thoughtful way. For example, the llamas are unique- some adorned with fez’s others with rustic blankets draped over their backs AND the added tassels are a bonus!! Wait until you see the collection on mishqua.com.  Go on, check em’ out!

Flash Tattoos

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Flash Tattoos Gibraltar

Flash Tattoos Gibraltar 2

Flash Tattoos Gibraltar 3

Pinterest made me want these so badly! I mean Beyonce wears them, so of course I HAD to give them a try. Check them out on mishqua.com for $22 with FREE domestic shipping :)

The Santiago Backpack

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Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 5


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 4


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 2Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 1



Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 3


Mishqua Shiraleah Santiago Backpack 6

So this is Gibraltar gardens where hubby and I got married. Its beautifully overgrown gardens take over this space completely making it a little creepy but an infamous spot for engagement shots etc. I could take pictures here everyday and have it look like we were in different locations… can you tell I love it here?! So lets chat about this backpack shall we. Shiraleah makes a great vegan leather backpack. This is their Santiago Aztec printed black and white with mustard yellow accents. Check out these tassels!! So cute! This backpack is perfect for on the go running around or for some trendy students to put their textbooks in. Shop the backpack in two different colors on mishqua.com 

Casual Sunday

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After running errands in this ridiculously comfy sweater, the hubby and I decided to stop and take a breather for a moment. We didn’t have the baby, it was just the two of us… nice and quiet, just how we like it, well, some of the time. Normally, when it’s quiet it means Ayden is up to something and we are always very weary. But today, it was different. It was the perfect Sunday morning (after swimming lessons that is)! 
So this little clutch is not yet featured on our website, but we are going to use it for a GIVEAWAY soon! Stay tuned to win this adorable, one of a kind handmade genuine leather clutch (phew, that was a mouth full!).
Sweater: Forever21
Clutch: Mishqua 
Tights: H&M
Boots: Gift from the hubby (see previous post for the link to a similar pair)
Necklace: Vintage

Falling into Fall

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It’s finally full blown Fall weather here in Delaware. Break out your sweaters, blazers, and scarves because it’s going to be a cold one! I’m sure many of you will start to sit by the fire with some merlot and enjoy the warmth. So why not add a some “fashion” merlot into your wardrobe?? This is THE perfect everyday handbag. I use every single pocket attached to this bag inside and out to help organize this mommy’s life. It’s small enough to carry over your arm and still look super fab (not like trying to carry a large diaper bag over the arm or anything). 
Blazer: Forever21 (old) similar
Blouse: Nordstrom (old) similar
Jeans: Macy’s (oldie) similar
Boots: Gift from hubby: similar
Scarf: Nordstrom similar

Introducing the Merlot Satchel

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Today I was craving merlot-colored mums… I was on a mission to buy some! I dragged hubby and baby to the nearest farm and we hunted for these mums! I ended up finding some on the side of a road near this quaint farm. I’ll have to post a picture of our mums at home. 
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Old Navy
Necklace: similar 

Let’s go see the firetrucks, Mommy!

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You can tell by this last picture that he was not having it today! He was totally scared of these firetrucks but we still made him sit inside one just for fun. “Poor little guy”, we said… hahaha. Otherwise, we were out and about on this beautiful Sunday enjoying the gorgeous first day of Fall (or is it the second day of Fall?!) 
PS. We are having a HUGE 30% off sale on mishqua.com on any old style you see on the website! How exciting is that? We are getting new Fall styles in slowly but surely :) 
Enjoy this beautiful day, everyone. 

More from St. Michaels

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This place is just darling. I still can’t get enough of it! We stayed at the Old Brick Inn, which I highly recommend. It has two locations on Talbot Street. One of the locations has a pool and serves breakfast each morning. It’s literally a block away from the second location. If you do choose to getaway here, you must try The Crab Claw Restaurant! We had fresh lobster and crab here. You sit outside on a picnic bench and just eat/peel/crush? all the crabs you can eat. It’s amazing if you are a seafood lover. The town is quaint and filled with beautiful boutiques and ice-cream shops! 
Dress: Anthropologie (old from 3 years ago)
Shoes: Vintage thrift store one-of-a-kind find

St. Michaels, escaping the everyday

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St. Michaels, Maryland is definitely by far one of my new favorite places to visit. The hubby and I set some time away to experience this darling little town in a historic district of Maryland. We even left the baby at home! Everything a girl needs: cute boutiques, delicious food, homegrown flowers, and most of all time with my boo. Seriously, every corner of this place is a photo op from historic homes to the quaint charm of the streets. Add this destination to your next getaway.


Tee: borrowed from the sister (old Urban Inc. V-neck tee)
Belt: Target long skinny studded belt 
Jeans: GAP similar
Handbag: Mishqua Mini Duffle 

Dad’s Birthday

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So, we are trying this blog thing out for real this time! If you have any pointers for us, please comment and let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Today is my Dad’s 53rd birthday and boy does he still look good! I hope I get the age-well genes from him… We decided to go out to this amazing restaurant in our area called Krazy Kats. Their brunch is amazing. Check out some clips from our brunch this morning.

 Dress: Banana Republic (oldie but goodie)
Shoes: Seychelles from Nordstrom 
Sunglasses: Nordstrom BP


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 Just some things we absolutely love

That’s our mini duffle bag, right there!! 

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 Just some things we absolutely love

That’s our mini duffle bag, right there!! 

The Little Things

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Meet our little friend the coin purse! She is the perfect size to put into your purse. She holds money, make-up, cards, lip gloss… you name it! AND she is only $6.95… what a great stocking stuffer 

The Little Things

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Meet our little friend the coin purse! She is the perfect size to put into your purse. She holds money, make-up, cards, lip gloss… you name it! AND she is only $6.95… what a great stocking stuffer