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February 9, 2011 Uncategorized


Have you ever had that moment where you are frantically rummaging through your purse looking for your chapstick or lipgloss… I’m talking dead stopped with your entire arm or better yet head inside your purse because you are meeting someone and your lips are about to fall off? Of course you have… :) 
To prevent this from ever happening again, check out these adorable refurbished cosmetic bags, perfect for hiding and organizing all your make-up in your purse! 
“Sailor” cosmetic- blue recycled polka dot cosmetic with large gold anchor, made with recycled ribbon, lace from a dress, and blue leather scraps! $10.95 

“Butterfly” zippered cosmetic- made with recycled ribbon, sequins, and pink recycled foam ! $9.95

“Paisley” tootsie roll cosmetic- made with flower pin, recycled ribbon, and recycled foam :) $10.95

“Printed Paisley” cotton cosmetic-made with recycled ribbon, lace trim, fabric paint, and scraps of a silk scarf! $10.95

These are PERFECT for slipping away in your everyday purse to store make-up, cell phones, and all other randoms that you find yourself rummaging for!